Are you in Control of your Customer UX?

Chris Farrance

Chris Farrance

21 May 2014

Nothing like a bit of jargon to get started is there? UX is a Digital Business acronym for User Experience. There are others but I won’t go in to that now you’ll be pleased to hear.

This is a much richer extension of Service Excellence which I studied in depth on a tour to the US a number of years ago visiting companies such as Ritz Carlton, FedEx, South West Airlines and Nordstrom.

It was what I termed an ‘experiential MBA’. Fortunately, these companies didn’t suffer the Peters & Waterman ‘In Search of Excellence’ fate – they’re still surviving and worldclass role models even today.

What they were doing then with Service Excellence is very much in tune with what you might need to be doing now in terms of your UX.

Are you an ‘Inside Out’ or an ‘Outside In’ business?  Your startpoint should always be with the marketplace and in particular the customer – what they want from you rather than what you do for them.

What are you in Business for? Quite simply what is the core driver of your Business Model and how are you making your money? Is it viable and sustainable? Are you sensitised to what’s happening in your marketplace?

Do you have a Single View of the Customer? Well established businesses tend to have customer information all over the place given the piecemeal way in which IT systems have been developed. Channel proliferation adds complexity too – have you made a start on unraveling this spaghetti!

Are your Processes aligned? Often a function of technological development also – is it time to strip them back and take advantage of the efficiencies and quicker time to market that Digital offers?

Are your People engaged? A feature of the Service Excellence tour even then was the unbridled enthusiasm of the people I spoke to – many ‘owned’ their part of the business. Are you distributing leadership and authority in your business to allow ownership?

The Frontier Community: David Simpson

David runs Mainstream Marketing and most of his briefs are to generate new business for his client. As he says, just about every business needs to generate new clients. He takes great enjoyment in meeting the sales and marketing objectives of his clients getting involved and providing support and guidance in areas such as market research, customer care, and conference boosting as well as developing new business opportunities.

David is also a worldclass social influencer with an expert understanding of what makes social media tick.

Contact Details – see more at: Frontier Digital Business Consultants

Thames Valley Berkshire Business Growth Hub

Just to let you know that this valuable Government funded initiative to support Berkshire’s growth businesses is now up and running and, indeed, I am already working with a number of clients as are my colleagues in the team.

In addition to coaching support, a particular bonus is access to a set of unique funding options including Advice and Catalyst grants.

For more information please talk to me or my colleagues Susan Elliott or Ed Cooper at 0118 935 7318

By Chris Farrance