February 2014 Newsletter

Chris Farrance

Chris Farrance

12 February 2014

Introducing Frontier Digital Businesses Consultants

A New Year, a New Business!

Welcome to Frontier Digital Business Consultants. If you have a look at our website you’ll see some ‘old’ faces and some new ones as well.


By the way, more than happy to take your feedback!

Digital Business 2020

This is the opening tab on the new website and is designed to provoke you into thinking ‘Where do I want my business to be in 2020?’. Of course, you might want to be completely out of it – OK – but on the other hand you may still want to be doing better!

The message – which you’ve heard before- is that growing a sustainable business really means you have to come to terms with the Digital Economy – NOW!  It’s not a Marmite test – you can’t choose to love it or hate it – you need to understand the impact it can have on your business now – fake it  if you have to!

Why? Because:

Competition is Global: There’s almost definitely a lower cost, higher quality supplier out there.

Your Customers are in control: you’re probably the last person they speak to if they decide to buy from you;

Your Suppliers: Will be looking for ways to cut you out and deliver direct to your customers;

Your Staff:Could be up to all sorts of mischief if you don’t have an explicit  social media policy in place.

So sign up Now!

The Frontier Community – William Buist xTen Club

I’ve been impressed when working with William Buist as he has a knack of eliciting insight and understanding where confusion reigns. His 2014 programme includes a Business Clarity Lab that enables attendees to understand their business model and describe it easily to prospects and partners.

Worth looking at if you find you aren’t getting the results you seek, or things are taking longer than you expect. 

For those wanting to take a longer term commitment to developing their businesses the  xTEN club is well worth asking him about. 

You can meet William at the First Friday Working Lunchat Vapiano’s in central London, where relaxed networking between business owners and entrepreneurs often leads to new connections and new opportunities. I attend whenever I can. 

More information on http://abelard-uk.com/calendar– Contact William on wmb@abelard-uk.com